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Induction-heated quick-sinter system, patent pending

FCT Anlagenbau GmbH develops technology competence for quick-heating system Induction-heated quick-sinter system, patent pending

In the course of technical development in the area of sinter plants, quick-heating systems are demanded more and more often to make production of high-performance ceramics parts more economic. The focus is on designing the procedure's steps so that continuous and plannable production of high piece numbers is possible in short processing steps to achieve best economic efficiency.

FCT Anlagenbau, one of the leading providers of high-temperature plants, has now developed an innovative plant concept with which end-contour-near sinter parts that can be subjected to a brief heating or cooling cycle can be produced at large piece numbers. This plant concept was first presented to a specialist audience with great success at Ceramitec 2012 in Munich. The plant, for which a patent is pending, is available for test runs at the technical school of FCT.

The high-performance induction furnace FCI 600/150-100-SP was developed for production of MiM parts, parts of carbide, sinter parts of ceramics or for silicon infiltration of CFC components.

As compared to conventional plants, this trend-setting production concept convinces with its continuous multi-chamber system in module build that permits flexible adjustment. Production is possible in inert gas atmosphere and/or in vacuum operation. Quick heating rates by inductive heating permit short cycle times. Added to this are energy savings of about 30 percent - an important contribution in respect of sustainability. Lower life time costs are achieved by lower maintenance costs both in material effort and maintenance effort. An independent parts geometry of the products is possible by use of crucibles as carriers.

Dr. Frank Kampmann, manager of FCT plant construction, emphasizes: "Success in the market requires trend-setting technologies. To be able to secure a competitive advantage from that, it is important that the new developments are protected. Filing for a patent for the innovative quick-heating system is an important amendment of the property rights portfolio of FCT Anlagenbau that permits us to develop our leading position in this segment and offer our customers plants at the latest state of the art."