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Sustainability as value basis

FCT Anlagenbau GmbH becomes a partner of the VDMA sustainability initiative "Bluecompetence".

As manufacturer of thermal process plants, FCT Anlagenbau works in an industrial area that is one of the largest industrial energy consumers. In the light of this, maximum energy efficiency is part of the basic objectives both for the plants developed and produced by FCT Anlagenbau and during the entire production process. Sustainable action means responsible handling of resources to ensure the quality of life for this and future generations.

This is one more reason for FCT Anlagenbau to support the sustainability initiative "Bluecompetence" of the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V.). It has the objective of linking the companies in engineering and plant construction more closely in the area of sustainability, thus supporting and accelerating the resource-protecting development of production technologies in harmony with economy, ecology and society. To be able to use the "Bluecompetence" trademark, companies of this industry must meet clearly defined sustainability criteria and standards.

FCT Anlagenbau has acquired an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally particularly in the area of high-performance and economic production plants for production of high-performance ceramics, state-of-the-art kiln furniture and high-performance materials.

The more than 400 reference plants in use around the world reflect this. A current example is the newly developed quick-heating system for production of end-contour-near sinter parts that can be subjected to a brief heating or cooling cycle. They were presented at Ceramitec 2012 in Munich in May.

The plant was designed for production of parts in large numbers. The objectives demanded for innovations for which patents are pending include, among others, energy savings of 30 percent as compared to conventional batch processes. FCT Anlagenbau has qualified as partner for the initiative "Bluecompetence" with this and other production plants already in use.

"As an important manufacturer in the area of engineering and plant construction, we have been aware of our great responsibility in handling of resources for nearly 30 years. Sustainability has been anchored firmly in our corporate philosophy from the beginning. We are going one step further by joining the VDMA sustainability initiative "Bluecompetence" and entering into the obligation of integrating the comprehensive criteria of this trademark into our entrepreneurial action," Dr. Frank Kampmann, manager of FCT Anlagenbau, explains.