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Pressure sintering furnace with glove box

Design of a pressure sintering furnace for thermal treatment of alloys at a pressure of up to 10 bar under hydrogen atmosphere and at a temperature of up to 500° C. The unit is loaded/unloaded via a glove box purged with an inert gas; this prevents contact between the product and oxygen.

-1/+10 bar, temperature 500 °C, usable space Ø260x400mm

  • Pressure sintering furnace, up to 10 bar
  • One heating zone equipped with resistance heater (15kW)
  • Closed-loop temperature control up to 500 °C
  • Operating pressure range from vacuum to 10 bar
  • Argon and hydrogen as operating gases
  • Glove box with inert gas purging ensuring oxygen-free atmosphere
  • Stainless steel drum screen with loading capacity of up to 50 kg