The sustainability initiative of the VDMA

As manufacturer of thermal process systems, FCT Anlagenbau works in an area of the industry that is one of the largest industrial energy consumers. In light of this, maximum energy efficiency is one of the basic targets both in the systems developed and produced by FCT Anlagenbau and throughout the production process. Sustainable action means responsible handling of resources to ensure quality of life for this and future generations.

This is one reason more for us to support the sustainability initiative "BlueCompetence" of the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e. V.). It has the objective of linking the companies in engineering and plant construction more closely in the area of sustainability in order to promote and accelerate resource-protecting development of production technologies in harmony with economy, ecology and society. We comply with the following sustainability principles for engineering and plant construction:


Our understanding of pioneering sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect & responsibility, comprising the dimensions of society, ecology & economy. We understand sustainable action from an integrated point of view, as defined in the Brundtland report1 and by the council for sustainable development2 in Germany.

1. Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate strategy.
2. With sustainable business models, we create stable values and ensure entrepreneurial success.
3. Our technologies and solutions promote sustainable development around the world.

4. Sustainably thinking and action is mapped in our processes and products.
5. We act to protect resources and work towards climate protection.
6. Our employees are our most valuable asset. We promote commitment and participation opportunities.
7. We work for maintenance of human rights.

8. Our company is a living area.
9. We take social responsibility for our region.
10. We do what we promise!

11. We maintain active exchanges with all parties.
12. We transparently communicate our sustainable action.

1 "Sustainable development satisfies the needs of the present without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.“ (Brundtland-Report , 1987)

2 "Sustainable development means "considering environmental aspects on equal level with special and economic aspects. Future-proof economically efficient therefore means: we must leave an intact ecological and economic structure for our children and grandchildren." (Council for sustainable development, 2001)